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Choosing a Diet

A happy dog begins with a healthy diet.
Now, we don’t mean serving Rover a candlelit food bowl of lettuce and cauliflower every night – although he’d probably eat that, anyway. We’re talking a menu with all the nutrients needed to give your top terrier a shiny coat, healthy weight and stool. Not to mention energy like Lassie on a T-bone bender. And the best news is, all of this can be found in one drool-worthy dog food.


Dogs love it and we love it, because each bag is formulated using Eukanuba’s Vital Health System™. This means all the ingredients have been tried and tested to help your pooch be best in show, every day. With wholesome blends of natural proteins, fat, calcium and fibre, Eukanuba has the right meal for every breed, life stage and style – even the T-bone bender types.

Here’s how Eukanuba can help your main Schnauzer:


Strong Defences

Did you know almost 70% of Fido’s immune system is found in his digestive track? That’s why Eukanuba contains prebiotics – to help strengthen your dog’s natural defences, so he can scrap the sickie and play all day.


Healthy Skin and Coat

As if Sookie wasn’t already admiring her reflection on a daily basis – now she has another reason. Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids will make sure her skin stays healthy and her coat, oh-so-shiny.


Lean Muscles

Your little Boxer will love this: Eukanuba’s animal-based proteins help build strong, lean muscles. (Is that Rocky over there with his tail between his legs?)


Good Digestion

A hot-diggity digestive system begins with none other than – you guessed it – beet pulp. Eukanuba’s natural fibre blend makes sure every nutrient is absorbed, for one healthy hound.


Strong Bones

Forget burying bones – Fluffy will be flaunting his well-supported joints, healthy cartilage and strong bones. And it’s all thanks to good ol’ calcium; glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate; Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids.


Clean Teeth

Your terrier’s tooth decay is about to bite the dust. Eukanuba’s DentaDefence System has been proven to reduce tartar build-up by up to 80%.*

*P&G internal data. Individual results may vary.


Healthful Growth and Development

The perfect nutritional balance of calcium and phosphorus helps make your Great Dane’s bones and muscles even greater.


Better Learning for Puppies

Don’t be surprised when Digger is suddenly teacher’s pet. DHA promotes smarter, more trainable puppies. Yip, yip!