Getting Your Aquarium Started

Paging all pet-lovers: Check out our helpful videos on the A-Z of aquarium life. From setting up your tank to getting right down into the fishy stuff, you’ll be an underwater whiz in no time Flathead.

Three types of finny friends.

Understanding the three types of fish to choose from is the best place to start, gills and boys:

Setting up the aquarium, tank you very much.

Here’s what you need and how to go about setting up your fish tank:

Where to put your fish tank, by Guppy.

Choosing the best location now means you won’t have to move a heavy, full tank later.

Slime time: Rinsing and wiping the tank’s surfaces.

A good wipe and rinse goes a loong way for your aquarium, pet-lovers:

Give gravel, plants and decor the ol’ washy-scrubby.

Here’s how to keep as much dirt as you can out of your fishes’ water:

How to set up the filter, for fish’s sake.

How to get the pulse of your aquarium beating – a must-see video:

Filling your aquarium with water. Gloop.

Oh-so-sensible steps for filling your fish tank with water – trust us on this one, pet-lovers:

Safety first, fishies – adding water ager & heater.

Here’s how to make the water safe for your family of fish:

Baiting the bacteria before adding fish.

Here’s how getting healthy bacteria going – or should we say, growing – will help the life of your fish:

Dive in, fish!

Here’s how to de-stress your finny friends, after the baggie trip home:

How and when to feed your bubbly besties.

Good question – which can actually affect how much time you spend cleaning your aquarium. Definitely catch this one:

Cleaning and maintenance – a reel deal.

Taking care of your favourite fishes begins with cleaning the tank, folks. The trick is – fish numbers, food and filtration. Go: