Our History


Start-up from scratch.

A long, long time ago – even longer in pet years – a Polish man named Grenoski arrives in New Zealand with the dream of starting his own pet business. He shortens his name to Green and opens the doors to R Green Ltd, offering 100 everyday products for all friends furry, feathery and finny.


R Green Ltd meets new owners.

The Wootton family become the new owners of R Green Ltd, and give the company a new name – Masterpet. Purrfectly fitting for a bustling business with big plans for the future.


Wayne Wootton hops aboard.

Masterpet welcomes another petrepreneur to the team – Wayne Wootten, son of Masterpet owner, HJ. At 21, the new Operations and Finance Director has already sold exotic fish from home and opened his own pet shop. In the blink of a drowsy kitten, Wayne rids Masterpet of import hassles by finding suppliers who make products just as great, locally. He then invests in plastic moulding equipment, allowing Masterpet to supersize its selection. Bow-WOW.


And away it grows.

Masterpet is getting big. So big, its Kaiwharawhara headquarters have become a landmark, in Wellington. Think two-storey murals of dogs, cats and other furry friends. Wayne’s brother, Brent, joins the brigade. And it only gets bigger.


Late '80s

Masterpet pounces on supermarket shelves.

Supermarkets hide their breakables as Masterpet launches a range of products for everyday pet needs. The tongue-wagging selection includes VitaPet – lapping up more than half of the pet-cessories market, today.



Masterpet gets half of pet-cessories co. Then gets political.

What do dogs and politicians have in common? Rubber chew toys, of course. After buying half of Pets International Australia, a pet-cessories company, the Wootton brothers design doggy toys after broadcaster Paul Holmes and politician Winston “Dog Tucker” Peters. Their big debut draws national coverage and a sell-out in two days. This inspires even more chewy lawmakers, just in time for the 1998 Australian election. And Fido’s birthday.


Distribution gets new digs.

Now Masterpet really delivers. The company buys one of the biggest warehouses in Wellington, so treats and toys can make it into paws and claws everywhere. And with top-notch management and distribution systems to boot, the town of Gracefield becomes pet central station.


Masterpet does it all – automatically.

From in-store visit, to warehouse order, to delivery, Masterpet has it down with a new automated system. This is then added to the company’s ‘master’ computer, which combines financial systems, warehouse operations, sales information and operations. Like mission control, but with four-legged spacesuits.

Masterpet also introduces powerful radio frequency technology, so everyone in Distribution can use a computer and scanner. Now paper-free, Masterpet goes from pet-friendly to earth-friendly, while protecting important data and reducing error.


It’s official. Masterpet and Iams are exclusively distributing.

Masterpet is chosen by Iams (owner of Eukanuba) to have exclusive distribution rights in New Zealand.


Pets International Australia becomes Masterpet Australia.

Welcoming another ‘pet’ into the family, Masterpet NZ buys the rest of Pets International Australia and renames it, Masterpet Australia. As you do, the company moves into a massive, 12,000sq.m. warehouse on two hectares of land. With the latest technologies and processes in place, Masterpet Australia is ready to roll. Hot-diggity-dinkum!


Masterpet creates ‘master’ brands.

Masterpet yaps with customers about what their pets like to eat, bite, chew, scratch, fetch, thrash, hide and tear to bits. And the pet owners sing like birds. As a result, Masterpet creates their own specialist brands for pet specialty stores. Within five years over 2 million bones are spent on packaging and design. And Rover’s feeling droolly… special.



Masterpet and Animates shake on it.

Masterpet wants to be best in show when it comes to having everything – and we mean EVERYTHING – pets need. So, they shake on a partnership with Animates, New Zealand’s biggest store for pets of all shapes, sizes, colours, mothers and astrological signs. The future’s looking bigger and brighter, Pisceans agree.


Aristopet. Just what Dr. Masterpet ordered.

Masterpet joins Beaphar Holland company in a pawsitive move for the wellbeing of all pets great and small. And anywhere in-between. They adopt Aristopet, maker of feel-good products for pets who tend to get sick as dogs. Or need an extra boost of vitamin beagle.


Masterpet finds a new home.

Masterpet finally finds a new home of its own, EBOS Healthcare. And it’s so good for them: EBOS is creating a new healthcare business for all of our dear animal friends (and their friends, and theirs, and so on), and Masterpet gets to be part of the whole cat-n-caboodle. Life, once better with a pet, can now be better than ever.


Masterpet moves into massive doghouse.

Or roolly, more like the Staffie-ship Enterprise. These new digs are not only earth-friendly but also high-tech, with sensor lighting, high-speed doors and enough space for 11,000 pallets of pet stuff. And because Masterpet is one big, universal family of pet-lovers, this muttership was also built with internal windows in the walls. So, the office and warehouse staffers are just a ball’s throw apart. They even get to share meeting rooms and a droolicious cafeteria. Hot dog!


Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Supreme winner

Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Supreme winner


Category Winner

Westpac Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Manufacturing & Distribution Category winner




Black Hawk becomes part of the family.

The original Black Hawk® recipe was developed when a passionate breeder relentlessly searched for ingredients that had a nutritional benefit and removed all of the ones that didn’t.
Since joining the Masterpet family our commitment to real food is stronger than ever. We still put the same loving care and attention into all we do and nothing but the finest real ingredients into all we make.
When it comes to healthy, happy pets – and even happier owners – Every Ingredient Matters®.