Hi, my name is Polly.

Hi, my name is Polly.

Now, let’s find out more about this all-star imitator:

Parrots are the talk of pet birds.

You gotta love Parrots – as social as a red carpet commentator. And like your favourite celebrity gossip, they love to know what’s happening – and of course, be a part of it, if they can. (Particularly if Mr. Jackman is involved. After all, Parrots are great at impersonations!) So, leaving your chatty companion alone in his cage probably isn’t something he’s interested in.

If you like the sound of all this, that’s great, because Parrots can live between 15-80 years – particularly the African Grey, Amazon and larger Macaws.

Where in the world do they come from?

There are more than 370 species of Parrots, found in most warm and tropical regions. If you really want to find the most different kinds in one area, put South America and Australasia on your travel list. You’ll discover that Cockatoos also belong to the Parrot family. In fact, there are five subfamily species of ‘true’ Parrots. These include:

  • 160 species of Neotropical Parrots living in South and Central America, the Mexican lowlands, the Caribbean Islands, and Southern Florida
  • 30 species of Broad-Tailed Parrots, of which 20 species are Rosellas
  • About 70 species that live in the Indian and Australasian areas
  • About 50 species of Lorikeets and Lories, centred in New Guinea, spreading to Australia, Indonesia and the islands of the South Pacific
  • Three native and still-living species – the Kea, Kākā, and the flightless and critically endangered Kakapo – live in the New Zealand region

Aside from these feathered friends, there are eight species of Lovebirds – not ‘true Parrots’ but pint-sized, bundles of joy all the same – from Africa.

What Polly really wants.

Excited about being a Parrot parent? Here are a few tips you’ll want to take under your wing:

Have your vet handy. It’s great to have your avian vet on speed dial, as any Parrot problems need to be handled quickly.

Get a big cage. A good-sized cage is important if you’ll be out of the house for long periods. But when you are home, remember to have it placed right in the middle of the family action.

Showering is good. (For other reasons.) Give your perching pal a shower once a week to help keep his feathers in good condition.

Play music for Polly. Obviously, Parrots like to be up – but they also love to get down. So, play a few tunes and shake your tailfeathers with ol’ Paco.

Party-on, Parrot-lovers!