Bird Grooming

Keeping the beak short ‘n tweet.

Pecking Parakeets – who’d have guessed that birdie beaks just keep on growing? And they’re not even liars – snout’s honour.

That’s why, in order to keep Buddy’s correct beak shape, it will need constant wear by feeding, grooming and rubbing against abrasive surfaces. Fortunately, you can buy toys your Finch can chew or grip with his beak, to help erode it, naturally. These tend to keep the beak in-proportion – but if its normal growth is ever disturbed somehow, it will need trimming. Now, we hate to peck at this issue, but you should know it’s unusual to have to trim your chippy chirper’s schnoz. So, if Polly does need a good clip, it’s quite likely there’s an underlying health issue. That said, it’s best to simply take your bird to the vet, to do the job.

A cause for trimming claws.

As a bird-lover, here’s another new skill you can add to your resume: Claw-trimmer, Extraordinaire. After all, being scratched by your bird’s nails can be very painful – enough to ruffle your feathers, for sure. But on the bright side, a quick nail trim for Tweety now and then can help prevent foot problems, while protecting your furniture and other valuables. Now, that’s something to sing about.

As is making it easy on yourself by having your vet safely trim Bobo’s nails, during his regular health exams. For one thing, ol’ Doc is best equipped for any bleeding that may occur.

Yes, we did say ‘bleeding’ – sorry, pet-lovers. Allow us to explain: The ‘quick’ is the blood and nerve supply that grows part-way down the middle of each bird nail. In light-coloured nails, it’s visible as the pink area in the nail. In dark or black nails, however, the quick is completely hidden. If cut, it can bleed like a gusher, so if you do choose to trim Agamemnon’s nails yourself, it’s a good idea to have a clotting agent or styptic powder handy. The best way to prevent bleeding, though, is to trim only a little off, at a time. This will lessen your chances of cutting into the nail’s quick.

More helpful tips for trimming your Cockatiel’s nails, among other feathered friends’:

Wrap your bird in a towel. This will help hold him still, in order to prevent injury.

Trim only the tip of your bird’s nail. That’s right – work quickly but carefully, folks.

Talk softly to your bird. Reassure your little Lovebird as you work. Your poor winged wonder will likely be frightened and disoriented, so hearing your voice will help calm him down.

Remember, grooming makes for a happier bird, pet-lovers. And if you need any help, you can always ask your vet. Tweet, tweet!