Play & Training

I’m soooo booorrred. (Not a good song, Tweety.)

Boredom is for the birds. It can happen to even the most manic Macaw, who’d fly away from it any day, if he could.

Because let’s face it – birds aren’t ‘bird brains’. They’re smart. So, without some mental stimulation, even your lovely Aphrodite can develop behaviour unbecoming of a bird. That’s what happens when your Parakeet has too much pent-up energy and stress.

So, if you really want your beaky buddy to live the tweet life, consider getting him some bird toys. Not only will these bring fun into your Finch’s life, they’ll also help him maintain a healthy beak and nails. Win, win – tweet, tweet!

There’s a wide range of toys out there to motivate and amuse your feathered friend, including exercise, interactive, wood chews and treat dispensers. You’ll just want to choose a plaything that’s appropriate for your bird’s size. Toys that are too small won’t be very interesting to birds like Large Cockatoos. And smaller birds like Canaries could have a conniption over big, scary baubles, and simply avoid them like the cat.

Discover what types of toys would be best for your bird, here.