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Aristopet® exists to ensure pets don’t suffer and owners don’t worry. Born and bred in Australia in 1958, Aristopet® joined the Masterpet® family in 2012, helping us to offer even more products to care for your pets.

The Aristopet® range of products provide an affordable option for pet owners that want effective solutions and treatments to keep their pets healthy and happy.

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Flea and Tick Treatments*

Fleas are the most common skin parasites found on dogs and cats. In fact, it’s almost certain that a dog or cat will be infested with fleas at some stage in their lifetime. Many pet owners think of combating fleas as a reactive treatment once infestation has happened. But you should be treating regularly to prevent fleas, especially in Australia because of the climate.

Cats and dogs need continual protection from parasites such as worms and fleas. A regular treatment program is the best way to keep your cats and dogs healthy.

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Worming Tablets and Syrups for Pets

Worms are a type of endoparasite. This means that they live within the dog or cat and are often less obvious to owners, but typically cause more severe disease than ectoparasites. (Which are parasites that live outside the body). The most common endoparasites in pets are heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm.

Worms are a serious problem and can affect dogs, cats and humans, therefore treating regularly is important.

Aristopet® has a range of products to ensure that cats and dogs are protected from worms, as well as birds, small animals and poultry. All active ingredients are clinically proven and highly effective and safe for pets.

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Health and Wellness

Aristopet® delivers health and wellness products to help keep your dog, cat, bird and smaller animals are staying at the top of their game. Affordable products such as laxative for cats, stop-itch, glucosamine, vitamin powders and antibiotics.

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Household Aids

Aristopet® also provides household aids to keep your home fresh and clean. Products like odour eliminators, garden repellent, and chew/scratch stop.

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Grooming and Clean Up

Want to keep your beloved looking clean and sharp? Aristopet® offers a full range of grooming and cleaning products for small animals, birds and cats.

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Where to buy?

Available from all major pet stores.


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*Denotes available in Australia only.