Training & Play

Training Builds Trust & Cooperation

If you have a pet and want a strong, healthy and happy relationship, then training is an essential part of ownership. It builds trust and cooperation. Using your pet’s natural drives and instincts is important for a quality relationship with your pet.

Training can take many forms. You may need to train your:

  • Dog to have control around children or other animals
  • Cat to use the litter box
  • Parrot to step up
  • Seal to do tricks to ensure it doesn’t get bored (of course you’ll need to own a zoo if you have a seal).

No matter what pet you’re training you’ll need time, skill and persistence to end up with the rewards that come from a well-trained friend.

Exercise Is Important Too

Keeping your pet happy and healthy means allowing them to exercise every day. That includes setting aside time each day to take your dog for a walk or have a game of fetch in the backyard, or rolling a ball of string for your cat.