Pet Door Training

Training your pet to use the pet door is actually easier than you think. After all, who doesn’t want the freedom to come and go? The door flap may appear a bit foreign at first, it’s just all about simply showing him how it works.

Before you begin, make sure your pet is relaxed. Probably not the time to bring out your creepy clown wig that reminds him of the flea circus, or worse, push him through the pet door. If he associates stress or fear with the pet door, he may not want to go near it again. So, just be patient.

Other pet door training tips.

  • Coax him through the doorway with a treat. Use lots of praise and reward him for going through.
  • Hold the door flap open all the way, then less and less. Gradually he’ll get the idea of pushing against the flap to get his treat.
  • Try removing the magnet for a while, so the flap is easier to push. 
  • Remove the door flap altogether, or tape the flap up and out of the way, temporarily. This will allow your furry friend to get used to the idea of coming and going in this particular location.
  • Electronic pet doors make a sound when our furry friends go through, which can spook them until they get used to it. You may want to try disabling the electronics for a week or so.
  • When you first use a locking cover or lock the flap shut, slowly introduce it to your kitty. Better this than letting him learn ‘the hard way’ by running into it.