Leaving Your Cat At Home

Well let’s face it, deciding to leave the cat at home when you go on holidays is like leaving the kids at home alone. You get a certain excitement from not having to worry about anybody but yourself but you also miss the little rascals.

So you’ve made the choice, now what?

You can ask a friend or family member care for your cat or you could send them to a cattery. We have a few tips to make it easier for you to decide which cattery to choose. Find out as much as you can about your local catteries and visit them if you can:

  • Do the cats look happy?
  • Do they all have constant access to fresh, clean water?
  • Do the living quarters look and smell realistically clean?
  • Is there adequate space for the cats to run and play?
  • How much time each day will your cat have in the exercise area?
  • Consider whether your cat is used to being indoors or outdoors. Is the accommodation suitable? Outdoor cats will prefer having an outdoor run whereas cats that are used to being permanently indoors will probably find the noises and smells of outdoors extra stressful.
  • Is the cattery visited by a vet regularly to check for health problems? Are they close by?
  • Is the cattery environment well lit and ventilated?
  • Will your cat be warm enough in winter; in summer is the cattery well ventilated or air conditioned?
  • Vaccination certificates will be required by the cattery – if not, we suggest you ask why. Catteries should proactively try to prevent the cross-infection of cat flu.
  • Can you supply your own food? Some catteries discourage owners bringing their own food but for fussy eaters it can be important.
  • If the cattery provides varying levels of care, ask to see the accommodation for all levels. Even if you only want the highest level of care available, you should ensure that ALL the pets are well cared for as you want to be certain your cats are being cared for by responsible animal lovers.