Cat Travel

Roadtrips without a scratch.

There are a number of things your clawed comrade would rather do than ride in a car, beginning with…ANYTHING. Your cat will likely feel stressed by car travel because the scenery is unfamiliar and it’s all catastrophically loud to them.

So, what can you do to chill your Chantilly?

Try putting him in a cage or carrier he’s already used to. And raise it so he can see out the window. It’s also a good idea to secure the container with a seat belt, and line it with newspaper or a towel. This will keep your kitty comfy during the trip. Bringing water and dry cat biscuits along for the ride is another top-cat idea.

Whatever you do, don’t let your cat roam freely in the car. Even if he says he’ll never ‘reorganise’ the wastebasket again. Seriously, letting a cat roam free while driving is more dangerous than talking on a mobile phone. Sneaky Pete could crawl under your feet and distract you, or worse – hide under the seat and escape as soon as you get out of the car. So, if you’re really feeling the escape artist vibe from your Savannah, it’s smart to bring a harness and cat lead and take him out for short breaks, during a long trip.

What do kitties and pet-lovers have in common? Some of us get carsick. But don’t worry, your vet can help you find the right meds for your sickly Siamese.

Cats just love playing it cool, which is one of the zillion reasons you should never leave yours in a parked car. Especially in warmer weather, cars can become like ovens in a matter of minutes. And keeping windows open or a bowl of water beside Boo makes him no less prone to heatstroke. So, when travelling with your cat, keep things cool – cool?

It’s a cat…It’s a PLANE…

If you’re looking to jet-set with your Javanese, you’ll just want to get him checked by your vet first, to make sure flying won’t put any undue stress on his health. Once you’ve passed that hairball, you have two possible ways to take little Sunshine up, up and away:

1. Make all the arrangements yourself. Simply check the airline’s website for pet transport instructions.

2. Get a pet transport company to do it for you.

Safe travels, pet-lovers!