Life’s better with a pet – but doubly so, with a dog.

Who else sees you in your trackies every morning, and loves you anyway?
Treats your every arrival like, “IT’S SANTA!!! AGAIN!!!”
Reorganises your clothes hamper, sock drawer and wastebasket for you. At least once a week.
Yanks your pant leg when you’re feeling happy or sad.
Drags you out the door for that run. With or without you.
Rolls, jumps, begs or drools, at your every word.
Loves nothing more than to give you a big, wet, slobbery, kiss. For no reason at all.

Dogs are more than a best friend. They’re family.
That’s why we love ‘em, from wet nose to waggety tail.

We know you do, too, which is why we want to help keep your precious pooch feeling happy, healthy and looking mighty fetching.
We’ve sniffed out the best doggone foods, treats, pet-cessories. Everything you need to make each day a belly rub, for you and your dog.
You’ll also discover tips and tricks on playing, training, even health-maintaining, for furry friends of all ages and stages.

Questions gnawing at you? Ask us. We’re here to lend a paw, whenever you need it.

Here’s to a lifetime of fetches, kisses, cuddles…and the odd puddle, but hey, it happens.