Common Dog Problems

We know how much you woof your waggety friend, but it’s only natural if you have a bone to pick, now and then. Translation: YELLLPP!!!

So, rather than sit and scratch behind your ears, just ask Masterpet. We can help you lick a number of canine conundrums. From understanding why Rover woofs a pillow more than you, to sun safety tips for your basking Bulldog. Dreadlocked dog dreads grooming? We’ll help you train him right out of it. So, not only will you understand your best mutt so much better – you’ll also have the yelp you need, in the palm of your paws.


Chocolate and your Dog
Chocolate and your Dog

As much as we woof to share everything with our best mutt, chocolate is better kept in the pantry and out of Sweetie’s paws.


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