Dog Treats

Doggy treats are up there with flower gardens – dogs just dig ’em to no end.

So, why not make them healthy? That’s what we thought when we created our treats. Nothing says ‘good boy’ like these puppies.

When it came to ingredients, we scrapped those questionable carcasses, off-cuts and bones for real wholesome, woof-it-down meat your dog will love. So much, he won’t even realise how good for him they are.

Check ’em out…


At Vitapet, we believe in making it easy for you to do what’s best for your pets.

Vitapet treats are made from quality protein sources.

Whether you’re training or treating, you’ll deliver a taste experience that gets tails wagging.



Yours Droolly has a range of roolly, roolly fun and yummy treats to suit every dog’s taste and preference.

Made from real meat, Yours Droolly makes it easy to please your dog with healthy and delicious treats.