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Tangles & Heavy Moulting

Made with the tangliest in mind, Yours Droolly® De-Tangling Shampoo and Conditioner quickly penetrates with lubricating oils to help prevent tangles, brighten, nourish and leave the coat soft, fresh and clean.

Leave-In De-Tangling Spray makes brushing easier, to help maintain a soft and tangle free coat. It’s gentle, so can be used every day.

Yours Droolly White Dog Shampoo helps remove grass stains, yellowing in the chest, feet, muzzle and blaze – all common white dog issues. It contains Aloe Vera to care for your dog’s skin, cleans whitens and deodorises the coat.

Yours Droolly Oodle Breed Shampoo is suitable for all poodle cross breeds, poodles and curly coats of all ages. It gently cleans, conditions and softens woolly and curly coats, leaving them free of matts and tangles while providing a natural, luxuriant shine. Contains coat nourishing lanolin.


All de-tangle products are suitable for use with all long term flea treatments.