Dog Grooming Tools

The secret to one hot dog is having the right grooming goodies. And Masterpet® has one for every tangled tail and toenail, including:

Daily Grooming

Using grooming tools every day will not only help your furry companion look fetching, but also bring the two of you closer. From best to bestest buds.

Tangles & Heavy Moulting

Doggy dreads are soooo 1992. Thankfully, you can dog them – and knots and tangles – using shedding rakes and combs.

Skin Care & Coat Condition

When it comes to soft skin and a smooth coat, the dog days are over, thanks to Slicker styling brushes.

Extra Solutions

With all the rolling, digging, chasing and playing dead Spot does in a day, extra nail clippers, scissors and flea combs definitely come in handy – paws down.