Dog Travel

Travelling with your dog can be a trip, in more ways than one. But knowing how to care for your curious copilot on-the-go can guarantee a hot-diggety holiday to remember.

Old Yeller riding in a new pet carrier? He can dig it, as long as he’s familiar with his new space before you leave. Take a number of smaller roadtrips to get him used to it. And of course, the comfier the better: Your dog should have enough room to stand up. Turn around. Rollover. Play dead. You get the picture.

Or, if your dog is more of a backseat driver, use a harness to keep him safe, secure and free of open-window temptation. Harnesses simply loop through or click in to your existing seatbelt.

When your King Charles Cavalier says he simply must get some air, believe him. Good ventilation will prevent your dog from feeling sick as one. Rolling down a window works wonders – just don’t allow your playful passenger to poke his head out of it. When you think of how unsafe it is for your kids, just remember it’s the same for dogs.

Snoopy loves being Joe Cool, and your pooch is no different. Keep him cool at all times, but in all seriousness, never leave him in a parked car. Cars can become like ovens in a matter of minutes, and keeping windows open or a bowl of water beside your pet makes him no less prone to heatstroke. So, play it smart by playing it cool. You dig?

Finally, make plenty of pit stops – or pet stops, as we like to call them. Let your little traveller run around, take a drink, go to the toilet, mail a few postcards, whatever. Travelling is the true test for a relationship – and if you do this, he’ll pass with flying colours.

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