Puppy Food

Choosing the right food for your puppy is important for many reasons – right Lassie? Woof. First, your little ruff-houser will grow very quickly. In less than a year, he’ll be the equivalent of 20 human years – no bones about it. And with all this growing going on, your mini Mastiff will need lots of energy. But because young dogs only have teeny tummies, you’ll want to feed him a good, quality food designed for puppies.

We recommend premium puppy foods. Not only do they give you the best value, paws down – they also contain top-dog ingredients that are easy for Fido to digest, so you’ll feed less. They’ll also give your tiny terrier:

  • Muscle tone fit for a Boxer.
  • Shiny, luxurious coat – yip, yip!
  • Healthy skin, bones and teeth. See. Spot. Smile.
  • Clear, bright eyes – what a looker!
  • Small, firm stools (as carpet sighs with relief).
  • Playfulness. Shake, rollover, play dead, let’s cha-cha…
  • Happy, healthy attitude – you dig?

Black Hawk® Puppy Food is designed to meet the needs of rapidly growing puppies. For more information visit the Black Hawk website.

Choosing a wag-worthy puppy diet.

Your dog can’t help but dig premium dry food. It’s great for healthy teeth, made from top-dog ingredients and it’s easy to digest – much like the great value. You’ll just want to avoid those cheapo brands that contain mostly cereals.

As for wet foods (canned or dog rolls), they’re great for adding variety to the menu, or mixing right in to his dry food – butta bing butta woof.

Most dogs would probably eat their food, our food, and the kitchen sink, if we let them. So, it’s up to us to moderate their mealtimes. Some tips to feed by:

Start with a good quality, premium pet food. Looking at the packaging, follow the guidelines for your pet’s weight. Measure the food carefully, and adjust the amount according to your dog’s weight loss or gain.

Adult and senior dogs can be fed once… twice… three times a dog-gy day. It’s all about how much you feed Mr Foxhound in total, rather than how often. Stick to the daily recommendation of food and you’ll avoid giving your pet the middle aged spread!

Older dogs can get fussy about their food and lose weight as a result. In this case, try mixing wet dog food into their dry formula, so they’ll eat well.

Sorry, Porky Pug – there’s a lot of evidence that says trim dogs tend to be happier and have fewer health problems than overweight ones (adorable as they are). Just ask your vet to help you work out your pet’s ideal weight, and devise a plan to help them achieve it. Some starting pointers:

Your dog should have a waist, or tuck in at the ribs.

You should be able to feel his ribs through a thin layer of body covering.

With limited ingredients, no grain and using tapioca, sweet potato and potato as an alternative source of carbohydrate, the Black Hawk Grain Free range is a great option for a pooh who may have dietary sensitivities. Visit the Black Hawk website for more information.