Puppy Teething

Call the canine fairy – most puppies start losing their baby teeth from about three to six months of age. During this time, your pup’s mouth and gums may be feeling pretty sensitive. So, make sure the canine fairy leaves plenty of chew toys and chew treats under his pillow.

That said, it’s a droolly good idea to begin handling your puppy’s mouth while he is young, including teeth brushing. Just be prepared to go through a few toothbrushes at the start, but you’ll both be smiling in the end.

Switching to ‘big boy’ food.

Making the big switch from puppy to premium adult food should begin when your micro mutt approaches adult height and weight.

Small-breed dogs (10 kg or less when fully grown) tend to mature much sooner than large-breed dogs – about nine to 12 months of age.

Medium-breed dogs (10 to 25 kg when fully grown) normally mature between 12-14 months of age.

Large-breed dogs (more than 25 kg when fully grown) may take anywhere between 12 and 24 months to mature.

Of course, all our faithful friends are different. So, if you’re unsure when to switch to adult food, wag on over to our Puppy Food page for advice.