Dog-friendly Parks

You’ll never see a pooch staying afterschool for yapping too much, because socialisation is roolly important to his development. And there’s no better place to feed his need for your attention and canine companionship, than an off-leash dog park.

Off-leash dog areas, or dog parks, are the hot-spot for your canine community. They give you and your chatty Chow Chow a place to gather, play, fetch, run, roll and discuss the movie sequel to 101 Dalmatians with other interested pooches. And once you’ve finished all that, the two of you can sprawl out on the lawn and observe other dogs at play. Bow-WOW!

So, now that we’ve gotten you and your furry friend woofing with excitement, there are some things you’ll want to remember before you go:

  1. Take your doggy-poo bags.
  2. Make sure you’re watching after your wet-nosed wonder while he’s off the leash. Supervised mingling – it’s not just for parolees.
  3. Take care that your furry friend hasn’t been locked in his crate all week without any exercise or social interaction, until the park. You’d hate for your Miniature Pinscher to create mayhem among the other, well-meaning mutts.
  4. Ensure your devoted doggy is updated on his vaccinations and free of illness, so he can’t infect the healthy dogs he’ll be hurdling alongside.
  5. Bring a toy! Bring a toy! Bring a toy! He’ll woof a good fetching ball, for example.
  6. Keep your canoodling poodle well-hydrated. Either take a water bottle and bowl to the park, or make sure there’s plenty of water there, or somewhere nearby.

Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!

Simply click on the map below to find an off-leash dog park near you. Hot-diggety-dog!

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