Play Toys for Dogs

How to fetch the rrrright doggy toys.

Nothing feeds your dog’s brain, stamina and craving to have fun like a grrreat selection of doggy toys, in the house.

Variety is important for your waggety friend, indeed. And how’s this for a lucky dog – there’s almost as many toys out there for him, as there are for babies. But before you go and sniff out the pet store, here are some plaything pointers you’ll want to consider:

Whooo’s your doggy? Whooo’s your doggy?
The toys you buy your dog will depend on his breed, age and physical size. For example, big rope toys may not fit in the mouths of little toy dogs. Or, a rubber ball may no longer be in the stars for your ageing Staffie.

What kind of toy is it?
Ask yourself, does Digger need a toy for chewing, exercise, fetching, or how about (d) all of the above? Whatever you choose, you’ll definitely want to make sure they’re safe for your wet-nosed wonder. Dog any toys of the thin, cheapo rubber variety, or brittle plastic playthings – all of which are choking hazards. Ruh-roh! And as you would with your two-legged wee one, you’ll also want to supervise your pet with toys in general, just to make sure no accidents occur.

Where will he play with it – indoors or out?
If Rover’s more the outdoorsy type, you might consider toys that do well in wide-open spaces, like a rubber ball, or rope toy he can tug without crashing in to the china cabinet! Indoor toys might include safe chew toys he can gnaw by himself while you’re at work. And speaking of dogging boredom, just make sure you rotate his toys if he’s on his own, rather than giving him the whole litter at once. Puppies in particular have short attention spans, and actually dig a little mystery (it’s roolly fun!). So, if he owns a dozen dog toys, try giving him four one day while keeping the rest in his toy box. The next day, swap those for a different four. Repeating this strategy each day will have Bowser bouncing off the walls – figuratively, of course.

How big is your pocketbook?
As pet-lovers, we know how easy it is to get carried away by all the grrreat toys out there – and the next thing you know, you’re asking Rover to spot you some of his puppy chow, for dinner. But don’t worry, yelp is on the way:

Masterpet offers a wide variety of quality toys to fit your budget and needs. And just to give you an idea of their value, all playthings are designed after natural doggy behaviours – and the good kind: chase, hunt and chew. Not only that, Spot’s senses will be lapping up our toys with different smells, noises and textures he woofs. We’re proud of our toys because they droolly make such a healthy difference in a dog’s life by:

  • Keeping stress on a short leash.
  • Dogging boredom and loneliness.
  • Getting his pent-up, physical and mental energy out for a run.
  • Licking many behavioural problems.
  • Helping to socialise and make your dog feel like best in show.

If your dog loves a good chew, then Chewers is the range for him.
Doggy breath a problem, Fresheeze are strong and durable toys with a fresh mint flavour.
The Playmates range are perfect for long games of fetch and also feature toys that can help ease boredom when you’re not around.
And for cuddles, because we all need them, we have the Droolly Dog range.

Leave out only a couple of toys at a time. Ensure you read the labels, and use toys only under supervision.

Chat to your local vet or pet store staff if you have any questions.