The mark of a Grrrreat toy is when it challenges even the smartest dog, keeping them occupied for ages.

Which is why we put our Gorrrrillas to the ultimate test with the smartest of animals, chimpanzees. So when you throw your dog a Gorrrrilla from Yours Droolly, rest assured it’ll be wagging that tail for a while to come.

Why Gorrrrilla?

  • 2 Years Research & Development in materials and design before launching to market.
  • Tried and tested by notorious chewers, feedback reviewed and used to make the best chewing toy.
  • Built to challenge and entertain your dog for an extended time.
  • Made from strong & durable material.

What is a Gorrrrilla?

A Gorrrrilla is a hard rubber chew toy with a hollow centre.

Made of high quality non-toxic rubber, it works as a puzzle and play toy for dogs. When you stuff a Gorrrrilla with treats, the dog has to work hard in order to get the treats out which mentally stimulates the dog.

Dogs have a natural instinct to go out looking for their food so the Gorrrilla is the perfect toy to challenge and entertain dogs for an extended time.

They come in various sizes for different dogs, and are one of very few designs that dogs cannot easily destroy.


Dental Benefits

Plaque and gingivitis are the leading cause of gum disease.

Infections, kidney and heart disease can result when poor dental health gives bacteria an environment to enter the dog’s body.

By using a Gorrrrilla toy regularly, the dog improves their dental health by:

  • Cleaning teeth
  • Maintains gum health

Behaviour Benefits

Dogs have an innate desire to chew. Gorrrrilla offers a safe chewing outlet to avoid destructive behaviour.

Mental Benefits

Gorrrrilla toys offers stimulating activity for extended periods.

Relieves boredom and entertains dogs while keeping their minds engaged.

Use a variety of treats and use the ‘Gorrrrilla’ dam treats to create a plug to increase the difficulty.

Gorrrrilla’s can be thrown and bounced in multiple ways to encourage dogs to play and exercise.