Blowfish, Goldfish, Angelfish, Rainbowfish, Clownfish.
Holy Hatchetfish, there’s a fish for everyone. Choosing is half the fun.
Will he be striped, spotted, neon or metallic? Have more looks than Paris Hilton? When it comes to fish, there’s so much more than meets the eye.

Fish can be calming, of course. Despite their wide-eyed, I shouldn’t-have-had-that-third-espresso stares. Their bulging eyes meet ours and we drift off, wondering what they’re thinking beyond feeding time, swimming time, and wow, that’s one helluva bubble.
Let’s face it. It’s a mesmerising little escape, this world of sublime swimmers, colourful castles, sparkling rocks and dead-ringers for coral branches.
Enough to make the Little Mermaid miss home.

Speaking of home, that’s where we’d like to bring this deep blue experience – straight to yours. Without the need for a submarine.
Our Blue Planet range is designed to give your finned friends a fabulous, freshwater life.
Forget the floundering, your fishies will be flippin’ like Flipper. On the inside.

Something’s fishy with Nemo, but Neptune’s changed his number? No worries.
We have the answers to many common fish problems, to help those sinking feelings will go away.

May your finny friendship be bubbling over with fun. Gloop! gloop!