Choosing a Location

We get it – you’re bubbling over with excitement about your decision to buy an aquarium – nothing fishy about that. But whether it’s for your home, your kids or the workplace, there are a few things you’ll want to flip around: What type of aquarium do you have your eyes on, and how big would you like it to be? Also, where in your house would you like it to call ‘home’?

Sizing up your finny flat.

If you asked Poseidon, he’d say one great way to figure out the size and type of your aquarium, is to first decide what kind of fish you’d like to get. Different Bettas have different needs, after all. Also, ask yourself:

  • Is the fish tank for the kiddies?
  • Is it going to be part of my tropical motif in the lounge room, next to the octopus beanbag chair?

If you want to play it smarter than Neptune, bigger is often better. After all, the fish you buy today will grow, so they’ll need room to move. And trust us, there are so many different finny friends to choose from, you may find your backseat bursting with bags of Black Tetras, Gold Barbs, and so on. Most importantly, the more H2O you’re adding, the more stable your water chemistry will be. This will give your Flowerhorn friends a more secure swimming haven, and ultimately, better health.

Where to put your school.

Finding a place to put your Scooter Blenney suite is easy, with the right tips:

  • Level. Watch out for warped flooring, for the sake of the fishies: An aquarium is better off where it can perfectly align with the floor.
  • Support. Set your fish tank on a piece of furniture that can support its weight, once filled with water. Note: 1 litre of water = 1 kilogram, so aquariums are very heavy and hard to move, when full. If you’ve really gone for a biggie, you might consider purchasing a cabinet for it.
  • Power. Choose a location near an electrical outlet (for the aquarium filter, aquarium light, etc.). However, you’ll want to steer clear of air conditioners and heaters, which could alter temperature and affect your aquarium fish. You love ’em, but they’re by no means Catch of the Day.
  • Sunlight. Position your aquarium away from direct sunlight, as the light can cause algae. This way, the only slime you’ll be cleaning will be from your littlie’s nose. Just sayin’.
  • Access. Wherever you decide to place your fish tank, you should have easy access for viewing and cleaning. And to keep your scaly sidekicks safe, it’s best to keep their home away from heavy foot traffic, and out of the reach of small kiddies – and the paws of other pets, who’d be less than kind to your Angelfish.

For more on choosing a location for your fish tank, have a swim through our video, below.