Fish Health Care

GoldfishEven pet fish can fall sick, folks.

At one time or another, your pet fish may become sick – even your dear Angelfish, who you thought could simply reel in some divine intervention. The fact that fish are so little and delicate can easily make you feel like you’re swimming with sharks. But don’t worry – there are actually a number of ways you can treat your ailing aquarium fish so he’ll be his old bubbly self, in no time.

While most of the treatments out there are based upon a specific ailment, it’s a gilly good idea to buy another aquarium you can use as a ‘quarantine tank’. Another tank also comes in handy when you’re adding new fish to the one you already have. By separating the sick Spotted Groupers from the get-up-and-go Guppies, you can actually speed up the healing process, while reducing the risk of spreading the illness to the other aquarium fish. (Hey, I don’t want to catch that, man.)

Fish illnesses can be caused by a variety of different things, the most common being fungus, bacteria and parasites. But you don’t have to let these buggers off the hook – all of the treatments are readily available at pet fish stores. Gloop, gloop!

Read on for a list of fishy conditions, and what you can do about them.

Disease / Problem Symptoms Treatment
Ammonia poisoning Red or inflamed gills. Fish are gasping for air at the surface. New tank set-up or a tank with too many fish.
  • Do partial water changes every day.
  • Add Zeolite to the filter.
  • Stop feeding and reduce fish numbers, if possible.
  • Add aeration for greater oxygen exchange.
White spot or ick (or ich) Small white spots showing, looks like your fish has salt sprinkled all over it.
  • Common, like the flu.
  • Increase temperature by a few degrees.
  • Use a white spot medicine.
Fin rot Rotting fins, loss of appetite, bullying from other fish. Most often, it is due to poor water quality.
  • Check that your fish aren’t being nipped by others in the tank.
  • Check pH.
  • If all fish have it, do more partial water changes.
  • Fungus or multi-cure.
Fish fungus Cotton-like growths on the body that may appear white or grey in colour.
  • Partial water change.
  • Check pH.
  • Fungus medication.