Top 10 Fish Tank Tips

Here are the 10 best ways to keep your aquarium bubbling with happy, healthy fish.

  1. Give everything that goes into the tank a good rinse in normal tap water, beforehand.
  2. To avoid sickie fishies, never use soaps or chemicals to clean anything.
  3. Keep the water safe for your scaly sidekicks by using a water ager or conditioner, every time you add tap water.
  4. Add to your finny family slowly – don’t add more than a couple of fish each week, when starting out. (This depends on your tank size too, of course.)
  5. Allow a few weeks to fill your aquarium with fish. By doing your tank right, you’ll save time and money, pet-lovers.
  6. Remember that even a Blowfish’s tummy is about the size of his eye, so only feed your fish small amounts.
  7. Give your tank a partial water change every two weeks to maintain high-quality H2O: That’s about 20 percent, or one bucket for every 50L, fishies.
  8. Poseidon recommends topping up your aquarium with water that’s similar in temperature to what’s there. And don’t forget to use water ager to neutralise chemicals.
  9. Ask our resident fish petspert if you have any questions swimming around in your head.
  10. Call your local fish store for advice when you’re buying fish, or if anything’s troubling your little bubble-blowers.