Small Pets

We love pets. And we love the way kids love pets.
The squeals of pure joy. The never-ending hugs with newfound friends. The grin that lasts ’til bedtime.

That’s what most parents dream of, for their child’s first pet.
And it’s what inspires us.
If we can make it easy for a child to fall in love with a pet, we can make them a pet lover for life.

A lot of times, little pets make perfect pets for little people.

The intense stare at their mouse nibbling its first meal.
The sheer joy of having a rabbit flop blissfully asleep in their arms.
The dizzy wonder of watching a guinea pig running laps on a wheel, and turning a cuddly pet into a loop-the-looping, buck-toothed, fur-covered smile factory.

But the magic of a pet doesn’t stop there. A pet can teach responsibility. A pet can find a smile when the rest of the world doesn’t even know where to look.

We figure, if we can make caring for the pet easy, they’ll love taking responsibility for it.
We make choosing the pet easy. And the rest even easier. The cages and the food and the accessories and the advice? Easy, easy, easy, and easy.

We want to make that first pet experience the start of a lifetime of slobbering, purring, slithering, scampering, face-tickling, bubble-blowing, pet-loving fun.