Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs – your ticket to hog heaven.

No test necessary: From the moment you meet a guinea pig, you’ll be smitten. Being so cute, cuddly, low-maintenance and benevolent of boisterous kiddies, it’s no wonder they make such great pets for children and families. And the piggy love doesn’t end there:

  • They’re affectionate and social.
  • They’re inexpensive to buy and maintain.
  • They rarely bite.
  • They don’t require vaccinations – plus they’re not prone to disease.
  • They won’t rip up your house.
  • They don’t smell.
  • They don’t require a lot of space.

Grass, grass, grass. Yum, yum, yum.

Guinea pigs are herbivores and require a high-fibre diet: So, if you can have grass or grass hay around at all times, your little piggy will be in hog heaven. Suitable grasses include clover, buffalo grass and oat grass. You can also offer him a bit of lucerne – or clover hay for luck – but not as his main source of fibre. These are actually high in calcium and protein. Want to mix it up? Stir a bit of dandelion, milk thistle and fresh herbs into his salad – he’ll pig out!

They can be a bit piggy, however.

If you’re a self-proclaimed neat freak, you may want to think twice about a guinea pig. We love ’em, but they ARE untidy. No, really, they are. They poo in their food, water and bedding. They scatter their bed into their water, and their water into their food. And because they can’t do it themselves, you’ll need to check, clean and refill your piggy’s food and water, daily.