Rabbit Health

Pet-lovers, pass the veggies – here are the most pet-tastic ways you can keep your pet rabbit hoppy and healthy.

Twitching to a healthy diet.

Turning over a green leaf diet for your pet rabbit is critter-cal to keeping him healthy. The best-quality rabbit pellet actually isn’t enough, even for the Easter Bunny. You’ll also want to make sure he can sink his buck-teeth into:

  • Fresh grass hay
  • Fresh greens and vegetables

By making sure these greens are always on Thumper’s menu, he’ll be hopping it up for years to come.

Hoppin’ down the playtime trail.

If ol’ Bugs is any indication, you’ll know that rabbits are very playful, active and curious. So, it’s a twitchy good idea to get your busy-bunny a variety of toys to keep him occupied and out of tw-ouble! 

How good? Easter Bunny good.

Believe it or not, rabbits are actually quite trainable. But you don’t want to jump the gun: Teaching your bunny can take quite a bit of patience, especially when it comes to litter training and steering your Silver Marten from natural behaviours like chewing and digging – in the wrong places, of course.

Jumping in to grooming.

Three little carrots on grooming: Regular brushing is a must, bathing is out (unless reeeaallly needed), and you’ll find there’s some nail-trimming involved for Jessica and her male admirers.

Vets ‘n vaccinations for your special somebunny.

Try to scoot your loppy little one over to a vet who really knows rabbits. Someone who can spay or neuter your bunny, and who you can count on, in case ol’ Velveteen develops any health problems. Also, all pet rabbits in Australia must now be vaccinated against Rabbit Calicivirus Disease (RCD). Sadly, this illness is almost always fatal – in fact, your bunny could be pushing up daisies within 12-18 hours, from respiratory and heart failure. And because there is no known treatment, vaccination should be performed by your vet as soon as your rabbit reaches 10–12 weeks of age. He’ll only need one dose at this time, then yearly boosters, for on-going protection.

Here’s to a hoppin’ good life for you and your best bunny!