Housing for Rodents

Big houses are always best for rodents, pet-lovers. And if you can get your furry friend one that’s also well-ventilated, easy-to-clean and escape-proof, RAT-TASTIC. Whichever you choose, you’ll just want to make sure the cage lid is hinged. This will make cleaning and picking up your squeaky sidekick much easier.

Here are some other ways your can help your right-hand rodent live to the fullest:

Get a cage that lets ’em be alone.
Mice aren’t always like Mighty Mouse. They’re actually nervous little creatures that need time alone to groom, eat, watch movies, write haikus, etc. So, you’ll want to make sure your cage is fitted with a little hidey-hole and ramp-like access, near the lid. The floor of the cage should also allow 2.5 cm of shaving litter, along with good, comfy bedding straw.

Keep the temperature just right.
Did you know temperature can stress-out your little squeaker? Mice need the household weather to be just right. So, if you can put the cage somewhere with a consistent temp and no drafts, it’s home-squeak-home from here.

Work around your sensitive scuttlers.
Mice and rats are sensitive to dust and aerosol sprays, so it’s best to steer your compact companions clear of these things. Once you’ve got the cage in a dust-free area, you’ll want to clean it regularly and change the bedding, to avoid ammonia buildup. Finally, make sure to give your bitty critter dripper-type water bottles. These are less likely to be contaminated or tipped over, and can even be filled without having to open the cage.

By keeping these little nibbles in mind, you can give your favourite rodent a cage he’ll love scurrying home to.